CANchecked MFD32S—Mini Dash

CANchecked MFD32S—Mini Dash

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CANchecked MFD32S—Mini Dash


MFD32S or "Mini-Dash" is rich in functions that can be used, but do not have to be.

Hardware: 3.2" TFT screen,  touchscreen , MicroSD, MicroUSB

integrated freely programmable shift light

freely configurable directly on the display

Widgets can be moved and resized using drag'n'drop

up to 17 widgets per ad

64 sensors (Can Bus + internal)


4x  analog inputs

2x speed input

1x PWM output¹²

1x digital output¹²

CAN bus switching

supported values ​​-

Many customers always ask: "Which values ​​can I request from my control unit". The answer: " ALL ". Our MFD32S is compatible with ISO 11898-2 and SAE J2284.


The control unit manufacturers themselves determine which values ​​are sent via the CAN bus interface. Documentation is important here - possibly even in the form of a DBC file that can be imported directly. You can also access our extensive list of already implemented controllers.

MFD32S shift light setting

A very individual setting of the internal shift light leaves nothing to be desired. There are 8 speed thresholds with individual colors and another threshold from which the shift light flashes. The brightness can also be adjusted to the circumstances.

dimensions and attachment

With its dimensions of 95 x 64mm, the display is very compact. In addition, the three M4 threaded bushings on the back allow individual and secure attachment.