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CANchecked MFD32—Mini Dash

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MFD32 is rich in functions that can be used, but do not have to be.

  • Hardware: 3.2" TFT screen, touchscreen, MicroSD, MicroUSB
  • symmetrical display - therefore ideal for rotating it by 90°
  • Views can be configured directly on the display or with our DSS - Display Setup software on the PC
  • up to 64 widgets per display
  • 64 sensors (Can Bus + internal)
  • 4x  analog inputs
  • 2x speed input
  • optional external shift light
  • CAN bus switching

- supported values ​​-

Many customers always ask: "Which values ​​can I request from my control unit". The answer: " ALL ". Our MFD32 is compatible with ISO 11898-2 and SAE J2284.

The control unit manufacturers themselves determine which values ​​are sent via the CAN bus interface. Documentation is important here - possibly even in the form of a DBC file that can be imported directly. You can also access our extensive list of already implemented controllers. These can be found in the download area . A total of up to 50 sensors can be queried if the manufacturer supports this.

Data available in the broadcast as well as OBD2 queries via Can Bus (11bit/29bit) are implemented. Special protocols such as TP2.0 from VW/Audi and UDS are also available.


MFD32 - dimensions and attachment

With its dimensions of 95 x 69mm, the display is very compact. In addition, the three M4 threaded bushings on the back allow individual and secure attachment.

- DSS - Display Setup Software -

With our DSS - Display Setup Software, the display can be conveniently configured on the PC. The Can Bus protocol can be customized, you can import DBC files and design the displays with your widgets.

The log viewer downloads log files from the display. You can then look at them and select and scale values ​​individually.

A built-in Can Bus Logger makes it possible to look very closely at the log. This allows unknown CAN buses to be reverse engineered.

- Connection and extensions -

With our wide range of products, the display can be flexibly expanded

MFD32 connection extension

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