CANchecked MFD15 - Multi Function 52mm Display

CANchecked MFD15 - Multi Function 52mm Display

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MFD15 - Multi Function Display

ECU Can Bus Data into the 52mm display


Best legibility thanks to OLED technology

freely programmable control units and OBD2 connection

FOUR analog inputs for additional sensors (oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure)

freely definable warning thresholds per sensor

integrated shift light LED - freely configurable

EIGHT different display types

individual min and max warning values ​​per sensor



min: lowest value that has occurred

min warn: Value from which a warning is issued if the value is undershot

max: highest value that has occurred

max warn value: value from which a warning is given if it is exceeded

Beep: a tone is emitted when the "min/max warning value" is exceeded or not reached

Popup: If the value falls below or exceeds the "min/max warning value", a popup window is displayed

RefSensor: only when this sensor...

RefValue: ... above this value will be warned


The values ​​of analog sensors (0-5V) can be displayed correctly using 2-point calibration. For example, the correct oil pressure is displayed and not a voltage. You can also assign names to the analog sensors - instead of AN1, "Oil pressure" really does appear in the display. In addition, the inputs can be activated individually via the "Active" option if you need them.

internal shift light LED

8 values ​​- each individually adjustable

speed limits


Flash speed - the entire shift light flashes

Shift light brightness

Warnings: pop-up

In the displays themselves, values ​​that have been exceeded are shown in red and values ​​that have not been reached are shown in blue.


If a sensor is undercut/exceeded that is not currently displayed, the sensor setting determines what happens: popup, warning buzzer or just a small yellow triangle in the top right corner of the status bar.

Covers most aftermarket ECU’s with Can Bus

What is inside

The MFD15 is delivered with:


Display (MFD15)

Rotary knob with 0.5m connection cable

Adapter cable for connecting 12V and updating the display

MicroUSB data cable for updates

Connection plugs for analog inputs and Can Bus

20cm pre-crimped connection cable for Can Bus, analog inputs, 5V and sensor ground

Pins to crimp yourself

Also available as OBD2 connection

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