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CANchecked MFD15 GEN2 - Multi Function 52mm Display

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Key features of the MFD15 Gen2



Connect to your smartphone for setup, logging (*), customization

can bus


Access to our complete Can Bus database (TRI Files)
Also our "Can Switching" (*)



55mm installation diameter and only 12.5mm installation depth actually fits everywhere

Additional entrances


Connect additional sensors to the 6 analog inputs or connect additional sensors (*) (ethanol sensor, turbo speed)

Preset alarms


Ready-made warnings can be easily activated and also customized. For example, get a big warning if the exhaust gas temperature is over 900 degrees.

online logging


(*)Log your data with your smartphone and save the log for later analysis

(*) Additional license required

Different views


Online DSS – oDSS

A completely new feature of our MFD15 Gen2 is access to the device via WLAN. So you no longer need a laptop/PC for the settings on your display.

MFD15 oDSS website wifi setup
MFD15 Gen2: oDSS – online DSS

Here you can set up your display completely, log values ​​(license required), upload your own start image and also update the display.

Supported values

Many customers always ask: "Which values ​​can I request from my control unit". The answer: " ALL ". Our MFD15 is compatible with ISO 11898-2 and SAE J2284.

The control unit manufacturers themselves determine which values ​​are sent via the CAN bus interface. Documentation is important here – possibly even in the form of a DBC file that can be imported via our DSS . You can also access our extensive list of already implemented controllers. These can be found in the  download area . A total of up to 64 sensors can be queried if the manufacturer supports this.

Data available in the broadcast as well as OBD2 queries via Can Bus (11bit/29bit) are implemented. Special protocols such as UDS are also available.

If the desired control unit is not listed, please contact us:  contact form

The following are included as standard:
- All vehicles from approx. Bj 2008 (OBD2 - 11bit/29bit)
- Ecumaster Classic and Black
- DTAfast
- BMW E46 Can Bus -
BMW E90 Can Bus
- Haltech v2
- Hondata
- KMS van Kronenburg
- LinkECU
- MaxxECU
- Motec M1
- Emtron
- Megasquirt 2 and 3
- Syvecs
- Trijekt
- VW/AUDI PQ34/PQ35 etc.
- Audi S1 ​​(CJX)
- Audi RS3/TT-RS (DAZA, ​​DNWA/B/C)

Dimension and pin assignment

If someone would like to integrate the MFD15 themselves and is fit in the field of CAD design, we offer a STEP/STL file here, which can be used as a dummy:



connection and expansion

Each delivery includes:
- Connector B (6-way)
- Connector C (12-way)
- 20cm pre-crimped connection cable for power supply, CAN bus, analog inputs, 5V and sensor ground
- Pins to crimp yourself
- Two 1K resistors (for pull-up for NTC sensors)

Any sensors can be connected via the six analog inputs - we support both linear 0-5V and NTC sensors.

The sensors we offer are usually stored in the TRI files and only need to be connected:
- CC22902 temperature sensor for liquids
- CC22901 pressure sensor M10x1 0-10 bar (145psi)
- CC22900 pressure sensor 0-5.5bar (80psi)
- generic type K converter 0 -1250°C

CC22501 rotary knob (optional)

The rotary knob already known from the MFD15 Gen1 is only optional.
It can be used when the front buttons of the display are difficult to reach or when you prefer to use them.
The connection is plug and play directly to connector B on the back of the display. With its 50cm long cable, it can be flexibly accommodated in the vehicle.

CANchecked MFD15 Gen2 rotary knob Poti turn knob encoder
CANchecked MFD15 Gen2 knob

Online logging of the MFD15 Gen2

With the "Online Logging" license, your display can log the data into the oDSS, where you can then download it as a file to your smartphone or PC.

All sensors are logged in the log (ATTENTION: with OBD and UDS only the currently displayed ones!) . Select the sensors you may want to graph.

Integrated shift light + warnings

The internal LED in the top center of the display can be used as a shift light and/or as a warning LED.

Up to 8 different colors and speed limits are assigned as a shift light, as well as a speed at which the shift light flashes strongly and quickly.

You can assign a min and max value for each sensor (in the oDSS via "Sensors") and also activate the "LED" there. If the sensor is above the maximum value or below the minimum value, the LED flashes quickly in the color specified under "General Settings" => "LED warning". The shift light is deactivated during the warning period.

CAN switching and analog forwarding

The display can be expanded with a license for our " Can Switching ". On the one hand, this contains button statuses, which are forwarded via Can Bus (ON/OFF) and, on the other hand, " Analog Forwarding ", which the internal analog inputs send via Can Bus.

The display offers emulations for:
– CANchecked MCE18 and CFE18
– Haltech IOA, IOB or IOA+B
– Ecumaster (Emu v3)
– LinkECU

In the oDSS you can now configure the CAN switch under "General Settings" :
- left button
- right button
- button of the optional rotary knob

Can switch in the display

The functions are then assigned to these buttons in the control unit. Eg:
– MAP Switch
– Launch Control
– Antilag
– Enable Fan
– or others

Alternatively, set the "Encoder button" to "Can Switch 1-6". Here you get an overview of the buttons 1-6 and their current status. By turning the rotary knob, you reach the buttons and you can change the button status by pressing the rotary knob. In the oDSS you adjust the names of the buttons and thus you know exactly which function is active/inactive.

Canchecked MFD15 can switch
Can switch 1-6

" Analog forwarding " forwards the sensors connected to the display (up to 6) to the control unit - these can be sensors, physical switches, position encoders or others.


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