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CANchecked MFD15 GEN2 Abarth 595 - Multi Function 52mm Display

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Your Fiat Abarth 595 is missing a data display? Do we have! The  CANchecked  Fiat Abarth 595 display

Access to a variety of data from the engine control unit. The sensors are queried directly via Can Bus and are displayed on our proven  MFD15  . The Fiat Abarth 595 comes with a vehicle-specific panel and fits into the interior like an original part. It replaces the original boost gauge and requires no cutting or drilling.

The sensors are queried via OBD2. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed.

Key features:

  • integrates perfectly into the vehicle interior
  • 10 different view types
  • 8 ads
  • Simply plug and play via our cable set - only the 12V line has to be connected
  • 4 additional analogue inputs for exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure and more
  • Best readability thanks to OLED technology - optional anti-reflective film included

The following sensors can be queried:

  • Engine speed (RPM), engine load (Load), fuel pressure (FuelPressure), boost pressure (MAP), vehicle speed (Speed), ignition angle (IgnAng), intake temperature (IAT), air mass (MAF), oil temperature (OilTemp), water temperature (CLT), Lambda, Kattemperatur Bank1 Sensor 1 (CatTemp1)

The bezel of the display fits all FIat Abarth 595 models 


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