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CANchecked CBD08 can bus distribution / can hub

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Can Bus Distribution" with 8 connections - why is this module needed?

Can bus connections in the vehicle sometimes present our customers with great challenges. To do this, the Can Bus cables must first be laid and connected as elegantly as possible. The devices usually also require a power supply and the CAN bus termination must also be attached somehow.

In addition, there are more and more CAN buses for different requirements - drive CAN bus, comfort CAN bus, one for programming (USB2CAN), etc.

CANchecked now offers a small additional module that offers 8 connections, each with four connections: Can High/Low, 12V, ground.

With only 96x47x33mm, the box is very compact and can be placed anywhere. The sockets are based on the widespread DTM04-4P. Matching mating connectors are the DTM06-4S, which can be purchased as an option.
We drilled two holes in the middle for attachment. For this you use the two supplied screws.

The jumpers are attached to the circuit board behind the lower cover:

  1. On the left, JP3 and JP4 connect both Can Buses together (Can Bus 1 and Can Bus 2). If the two jumpers are removed, both can buses are separated, each with 4 connections
  2. JP1 activates the Can Bus termination for Can Bus 1
  3. JP2 activates the Can Bus termination for Can Bus 2 

The box can optionally be provided with a 12V/mass supply line. This can then be tapped from the other sockets and thus supply the end devices. However, the connected devices with a higher power consumption should not be fed via the device. Therefore, only connect them with both Can Bus lines and create a separate power supply.

If you opt for the standard configuration, then all 8 Can Bus connections are connected to each other.

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