Abarth 500 / 595 1.4 - MVT Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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MVT Intercooler for the Abarth 500 ofers upto +7.6Hp withought any further mods or engine mapping!

Fiat 500 1.4 Abarth 2008-2018 models
Please note this item is only suitable for models with the IHI turbocharger

Core Size MVT:
500mm x 220mm x 51mm

Core Size Standard Intercooler:
190mm x 175mm x 64mm (x2 Side Mounted)

Revolutionary Intercooler Design Boosts Cooling Efficiency and Engine Performance"

‘MVT’ stands for ‘Multi Vane Technology’ MVT significantly enhances the efficiency of an intercooler, leading to reduced intake temperatures and, ultimately, increased engine performance.

MVT intercoolers are special vanes, which distribute incoming charge air across the entire intercooler core, achieving significantly greater cooling efficiency than a system without MVT.



Fitted with MVT intercooler kit, our Fiat 500 Abarth showed a power increase of 7.6bhp on the dynamometer - this figure achieved without any engine remapping, or other performance modification.

We are immensely proud of our MVT intercoolers and can’t wait for our customers to experience their amazing benefits.